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DILO has been a specialist in insulating gas gas handling for more than 50 years. With approx. 320 employees and more than 70 representatives worldwide, DILO is a key technology partner for switchgear manufacturers and power utilities around the world.Get price


Today the total population in Switzerland is about 8.4 million, most of whom live in the major cities – Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Berne. In comparison with other European countries, the proportion of foreigners is particularly high in Switzerland representing around 25% of the resident population. The vastGet price

Switzerland - Corporate - Deductions

Some cantons (e.g. Basel-City, Bern, Grisons, Zurich) take a more liberal approach and even permit, for tax purposes, an immediate write-down of certain assets (including fixed assets) to 20% or nil of the purchase price in the first year, provided that such write-downs do not, in the aggregate, result in a drastic decline in taxable income or even a tax loss.Get price


SWITzERLAND return to contents EVIDENTIARy VALUE OF ELECTRONIC RECORDS Electronic records as evidence in legal proceedings In civil proceedings any electronic records, e.g. e-mails, scans of paper records or the print-out thereof, can serve as evidence. However, a court may ascribe less evidentiaryGet price

Acquisition of residential properties in Switzerland

Due to its unique nature and high standard, Switzerland is a popular country for tourists. If individuals whose domicile is located abroad plan on buying a property in Switzerland, they must first deal with permit law. Careful planning can achieve substantial tax savings when buying, holding and selling the property. Finally, financing must beGet price

Swiss Tax important update for expats - Hello Switzerland

Switzerlandinternational community is highly exposed to the new legal requirements. Switzerland requires its taxpayers to declare all worldwide income and assets. But accounts, property, income or other assets you hold (or held) abroad may have not been correctly declared in your Swiss tax return - often due to oversight.Get price

EMF policy facts: Switzerland

The relevant sources of EMF regulation in Switzerland are the “Ordinance relating Protection from Non-Ionising Radiation” (ONIR), which entered into force on February 1 st , 2000 and was slightly adapted in 2008 1 as well as the ‘ImplementationGet price

ExpatBriefing.com | Switzerland Permanent Establishment

Switzerland Permanent Establishment. Creation of a Permanent Establishment. The definition of a permanent establishment in Switzerland is a fixed place of business from where the activities of the business entity are carried out, either in full or in part. This includes branches, manufacturing sites, workshops and other ancillary offices or units.Get price

Swiss scrap VAT exemption on foreign e-commerce 2019 - Avalara

Aug 16, 2018 · On 15 August, Switzerland’s Federal Council confirmed that it will scrap the low value VAT exemption on imports of goods bought from foreign e-commerce providers. The current threshold is CHF 62.50 for goods with a standard rating of 7.7% Swiss VAT. The threshold on books is CHF 200 since they attract only 2.5% VAT in Switzerland.Get price

Swiss Federal Railways - Wikipedia

IR: InterRegio: are the workhorses of Swiss transit. They reach across two or three cantons, for instance from Geneva, along Lake Geneva through Vaud, and all the way to Brig at the far end of the Valais. IC: InterCity: stops at major cities (Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg etc.). For the 2017/18 timetable, the SBB gave numbers to all IC and IR lines.Get price

Switzerland Export Control Information

SWITZERLAND EXPORT CONTROL INFORMATION. All items listed by the Australia Group, Missile Technology Control Regime, Nuclear Suppliers Group, and Wassenaar Arrangement are subject to export control in Switzerland. The Swiss export licensing authority is the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).Get price

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Prepared by the International Trade Administration. With its network of more than 100 offices across the United States and in more than 75 markets, the International Trade Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce utilizes its global presence and international marketing expertise to help U.S. companies sell their products and services worldwide.Get price

Switzerland - Corporate - Income determination

Swiss tax resident corporations are basically taxed on their worldwide income. However, income attributable to a foreign permanent establishment (i.e. a PE outside of Switzerland) is not taxed in Switzerland. Such income may only be taken into account to determine the applicable tax rate, in case progressive tax rates apply.Get price

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sf 6 Transmitter Product Information, en-master. The gaz sf6 transmitter is ideally suited for the gas measurement of sulfur hexafluoride in the field of high voltage engineering. The transmitter can be used both as a gas leak detector and to monitor the gas quality in gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) or transformers. DownloadGet price

Switzerland - Replicon

In Switzerland, there are 26 cantons (states) and each canton sets its public holidays independently. August 1st (national holiday) is the only federal holiday. The labor law equates it to Sunday. The cantons can make a maximum of eight other public holidays a year on Sunday.Get price

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Prepared by the International Trade Administration. With its network of more than 100 offices across the United States and in more than 75 markets, the International Trade Administration of the U.S. Department of Commerce utilizes its global presence and international marketing expertise to help U.S. companies sell their products and services worldwide.Get price

A guide to VAT reclaim in Switzerland

May 18, 2018 · Switzerland is also known as Confoederatio Helvetica – which explains the abbreviation CH. Itofficially named the Swiss Confederation for historical reasons, although modern Switzerland is aGet price

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Switzerland (i.e. the employer must deduct the tax from salary and remit it on behalf of the foreign employee to the tax authorities). Penalties Penalties apply for late filing or failure to file. Value added tax Taxable transactions VAT applies to the sale of goods and services in Switzerland, and to the import of goods and services intoGet price

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ABB is writing the future of sustainable energy distribution by extending its Sulfr hexafluoride-free medium-voltage (MV) switchgear portfolio. Having developed a new load break switch, ABB is partnering with multinational energy company Enel to bring technology to the market that is considerably better for the environment.Get price

Swiss Re International SE Solvency and Financial Condition Report

laws of Switzerland. For the purposes of this report, the ultimate parent company and all its subsidiaries are referred to as Swiss Re or the Swiss Re Group. The Group supervisor is the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority Laupenstrasse 27 CH-3003 Bern Switzerland Telephone: +41 31Get price

Duty and Tax Information| FedEx Switzerland

What is Duty and Tax? Customs Duty is a tax charged on all products shipped from outside of Switzerland. Controlled by Switzerland Customs, the purpose of Duty is to bring the cost of imported goods up to the same cost as those produced within Switzerland to keep competition fair.Get price

Switzerland - L2b Aviation

As mentioned above, Switzerland is not a member of the EU and import into Switzerland must be dealt with separately from the EU import. Swiss import: the import of an aircraft into Switzerland is subject to Swiss import VAT of currently 7.7% and Swiss custom duties; h owever, Swiss c ustoms duties may be avoided under an end use relief system applicable to civil aircraft provided timelyGet price

Employment legislation in Switzerland | SIGTAX

Considering all these factors, it is best to seek professional advice if you pursue obtaining a work permit in Switzerland. Switzerland offers many great employment opportunities, but it is necessary to know the legislation, the requirements as well as the advantages of working in the country.Get price

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Your tax return – useful information . Each year persons liable for tax in Switzerland have to complete and submit a tax return. This can be done manually, using special software or online.Get price

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We help plant operators understand how digital switchgear can help overcome the hidden costs of traditional switchgear by improving your ability to collect, access, analyze and take action on the data your equipment and infrastructure creates, helping you achieve cost savings of up to 30 percent.Get price

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Duty and tax free imports per person: Used personal effects Used personal effects, such as clothing, underwear, toilet articles, sports gear, photo and film cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, portable computers, musical instruments, and other articles for general use.Get price

Using an uncleared vehicle temporarily in Switzerland

Before entering Switzerland for the first time, you must apply for a customs permit form 15.30 for the vehicle. The vehicle on which duty has not been paid may be used in Switzerland only for journeys on behalf of your employer and for your journey to and from work. Other private journeys, e.g. for holidays or leisure, are not permitted.Get price

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Switzerland has a dual system for granting foreign nationals access to the Swiss labor market. Under the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons, EU-25/EFTA nationals, regardless of their qualifications, are entitled to a Swiss residence and work permit provided that they are employed by an employer based in Switzerland.Get price

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